How to fight against stress or depression –
1) Do some yoga. Not only can doing so help you keep physically and mentally fit, but also help your emotional state. Complete physical and mental exercise helps a lot in dealing with emotional problems.
2) Make an effort to talk to those people whose company can put a smile on your face, rather than to those who are the reason for your stress .
3) Give yourself time to think hard about where you want to see yourself in two-to-five years. If it’s different from the direction your life is currently going in, work hard and aim towards wherever you see yourself in the future. Don’t give up without at least trying.
4) Make plans according to your goals, and take one step at a time. Give yourself the satisfaction of making an effort.
5) Find a doctor who helps you take action in a positive direction, rather than just prescribing medicines. Talk to them and target even the smallest health issues that are bothering you.
6) If you can’t stop, at least limit your interaction with people who cause your stress. Many-a-times, your near and ‘dear’ ones can also end up being the reason for your poor physical and emotional health.
7) Convince yourself that your life is worth living, just because you are the most important person in it. Don’t ever give this place to anyone else, regardless of whatever you’ve been taught about ‘putting others first’ from your childhood.
8) Stay AWAY from toxic people. The tricky bit is identifying them. We all have different kinds of people in our lives; some good, some okay, some bad. These are those whom you’re likely to feel like you’re allergic to. They are the ones who don’t help you overcome your despair, but instead encourage you to wallow in it. They won’t see the positives in you, but will always nitpick any negatives. Such people often feel better gossiping about others behind their backs and constantly putting them down, because that makes them feel better about themselves. Stay away from them.
9) Remember that it’s not other peoples’ job to like you. You yourself should be the first person to do so. Take whatever steps you need to grow as a person, and focus on  those who appreciate you for being yourself.
10) Keep your personal and professional lives separate. Give your very best in both places, but remember that things don’t always need to be be perfect, and aren’t always permanent. Time management and balancing of personal and professional duties are important factors. Stay focused and keep your calm.
11) Spend some time taking in the beauty of nature. Do the things you love to do, and make some time for activities such as walking, running, painting, singing, writing – basically anything that interests you.
12) Lastly and most importantly, count your blessings and not your woes. Treasure what you have, and don’t run after what you once had or don’t have, because what you have right now may not remain tomorrow. Make the most of it while you can.
Stay blessed, everyone, and smile only when your heart smiles with you.
                                                  – Leena 🙂