Is there such a thing as the art of being attached, yet detached at the same time? If yes, then I think we should all learn it. Far too often, too much of attachment to anything or anyone leads to despair. Why so? Maybe because we never really know where to stop, and end up with ever increasing expectations. Take the example of parents and their children. When children are young, they spend most of their time with us parents. We play a great role in helping them make decisions and guiding them. Up until a certain age, this is important, even necessary. Time flies by, and they soon grow old enough to start making their own choices, independent from our own. In many cases, they get busy with work, make friends, and take their first steps into the world as adults themselves. Sometimes, it may feel as though they’ve moved on from their parents. Sometimes, we may feel heartbroken due to this. We may cope by blaming our kids for not having enough time for us anymore, and in our sadness, we may even say things we don’t mean. We really shouldn’t. Our children will always be our children, but they too need a chance to grow whenever they are ready. Eventually, we all have to learn to become detached from a few areas of life, while also making an effort to remain connected. While ensuring that our presence is always there for their security, we should simultaneously hold ourselves back from fussing and interfering excessively after a certain point. Such restraint can similarly be practiced in many of our relationships. Giving others their due space at times while holding onto our own can be helpful in many ways.

                                                           – Leena =)

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