I believe we’re all familiar with problems. A problem is very much like the flu; often unexpected, and always undesired. You don’t want to catch one, but it catches up to you anyway. Moreover, both problems and the flu stick around for quite some time before they’re fixed. The worst part is that the occurrence of both is an inevitable part of life.
What do you do when faced with a problem? Do you get flustered and annoyed when problems show up like uninvited guests? It’s quite natural if you do. Eventually, however, you are going to have to figure out how to deal with it. While it’s okay to muse over it for a while, at some point, you’ll have to move past questions like, ‘Why is it always me?’ and ‘What have I done to deserve this?’. The next step is to question what actions you can take to solve the problem. Even more important is to actually make an effort to do those things.
Let me share my experience. When I realized that I was suffering from depression, I asked my doctor for help. Rather than prescribing anti-depressants, he told me to start taking long walks. I started doing so. I realized that the hour I spent in my own company – listening to music and organizing my thoughts as I walked – really did help me deal with my problems and think up solutions. The physical exercise also helped. I realized that we are only human. We can’t always use spells and magic to make everything alright. Everything takes time, and all we can do is learn to be patient.
I also discovered other things that relax me. Do any of you play Candy Crush? It’s a good game – helps to refresh your thoughts in as little as five minutes. Even in the game, you must have noticed that, although you rarely ever get the combinations of candy that you desire, noticing unexpected combinations – even the smallest ones – often helps you win. It’s the same with life. We all have our problems, and we don’t always get what we wish for. Figuring out alternatives, fighting with the odds, and making your own way through life is what helps in defeating problems. All you really need is faith in yourself.
Nothing lasts forever, not even problems. So stay positive, and love thyself!
                                                            – Leena 🙂

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