A successful relationship can be called a 50/50 deal. It’s really a 100/100 one, as both parties are usually required to put all their efforts into it, and give their 100%. The ratio comes into picture when one talks about how the contribution of one side matches up with that of the other. In our journey through life, we meet multitudes of people. The essence of our relationship with each one of them is completely different. Most often, if the feelings are mutual, the effort, time and trust put into the relationship will be somewhat equal. The relationship of parents with their children, or of siblings with one another, can sometimes balance just fine even if the equation of the relation is at 40/60 or 30/70, depending on age and circumstances. This is because their bond itself is of a special kind. The most preferable professional and work-related relationships are unsurprisingly 50/50, with one receiving according to what one gives. Such clear-cut professionalism helps eradicate any chance of confusion. Once you’ve done your part, you’re free, and especially so because there aren’t any excessive emotional attachments.
There are only a few kinds of relationships which can make or break an individual in an instant, because they exist too close to the heart and demand one’s 100%. Friendships, love and marriages are ones that are usually forged intentionally. Naturally, most people try their best to give it their all. The truth, however, is that in order for such relationships to flourish, the efforts put in by both parties should not only be equal, but also constant and lasting. Balance is the key. Excuses can never be an adequate replacement for effort. You have to accept each others’ virtues and faults, both with open hearts. Being judgmental will more often than not only create more problems. No one is perfect. It is very important to accept and respect the limitations of not only others, but also of oneself. ‘Balance’ means that you receive as much as you give. Don’t ever give away so much that you leave yourself behind, because you’re only establishing in others’ minds that you come second. Stand on equal ground. No two people are same, so you can’t always be on the same page, This absolutely does not give you the power to show others to be in the wrong and to put them down. Learn how to disagree respectfully. Each one of us, as individuals, is allowed to have a personal opinion. Ego, unsurprisingly, is the greatest destroyer of any relationship. Try to become a good listener, and don’t always jump to conclusions. Good communication can make a great relationship. Above all, cherish your partners and friends, for you are the one who made them a part of your life.
The mantra is to be there through thick and thin without being taken for granted. Cruelty and harsh words will not only lower others’ opinion of you, but also your own self-respect. You get what you give. Just behave the way you want others to behave with you. Just be you.
The most important thing for any successful relationship is honesty. You must be truthful about all your thoughts, feelings and opinions concerning the relationship, and have every right to expect the other person to do the same. Don’t hold each other too tightly and obsessively is the relationship doesn’t call for it. It’s ok for there to be some space for freedom in between. It’s often even necessary. Mutual respect and understanding goes a long way.
All such relationships do not necessarily last for a lifetime. In any case, let go of the negativity and carry forward with only all those beautiful memories that you have made over the years. Don’t curse and cuss at yourself or the other party, because you are only hurting and harming yourself. Treasure yourself. Everything that has a beginning always has an end. Don’t ever hurt yourself or others because of this.
Be the light of the sunrise and the calm of the moon, for both yourself and for others.
Happy living people!!

– Leena 🙂