Letting go…

Does ‘letting go’ really exist? If it does, then I guess I can’t figure it out. People are always talking about letting go of the past and moving forward. Sure, moving forward makes sense, but can you really just ‘let go’ of your past? You were there, in flesh and blood and soul, so can you really just rip away and discard all those memories? Can you? I don’t know, but I don’t think anyone really can. It’s true that if such a situation arises wherein you start feeling suffocated and want out, then it’s a great idea to still be patient with the other party and give them a chance, because they may not wish to be in that state either. The most important thing, however, is to never ignore your own needs. If you ever feel that you are unable to take it any longer, and if you are worn out physically, emotionally, or mentally, and can’t handle it anymore, it’s ok to stop trying and move on. Moving on is difficult too. It’s possible to become habituated with the labyrinth of such circumstances, and become so numb that you remain stuck there despite knowing that it’s bad for you. But at times, you have to do it anyway. At times, it’s necessary to do it. But even so, don’t force yourself to forget your past, because you may end up forgetting some beautiful moments too. There’s no need to regret any part of your life too much. Consider why it was worth it, learn from it, and grow as an individual. Remember, even in puzzle games, although not every piece can fit at a spot, there’s always one that’s a perfect fit. You’ll find yours too! Mixing colours while painting, you must have realized that some combinations create beautiful colours, while others don’t really work out. Similarly, we can’t always gel with everyone, and that’s ok! That never necessarily makes either of you bad. So, don’t simply let go. Try moving on with confidence, positivity and grace, knowing that you’ve grown. God bless!

# It’s very important to make peace with your losses, especially the emotional ones involving departed loved one or broken friendships and relationships. It helps you to move forward free from guilt and with a happy heart and soul. Stop simply existing, and start living! Love!

– Leena Prasad 🙂

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