When I find me, I’ll find you too…

20140131_114944 (2)There are days when I just want to live from my heart. Doing this liberates me, and gives me the chance to really be me. I’m a bit too romantic by nature – forever seeking beauty and romance in every bit of my life, even if there is none. I discover it in that cool wisp of evening air, in the blooming of little flower-buds, in the descent of the countless raindrops, in the tinkling of wind chimes and in the chirping of birds. Being a die-hard romantic naturally gives me happiness, but even so, there are many times that sadness arrives uninvited. Romantic movies are bliss, for they give me a window to another, refreshing world, even if only for an hour or two. For that little while, I become the character and live their life. Imagination, after all, is my constant companion that keeps me going through the most boring times of my life.
I’ve learnt to not depend upon making others the reason for my happiness. I’ve learnt that I can be happy by just trying to find a piece of myself every now and then. I can find happiness in the small things I do. A painting I’ve made, a sapling I’ve planted, a new dish I’ve cooked or some words I have written – things which need not be masterpieces – are what delight me. I pat myself on the back, and even dance or sing to celebrate the fact that I have done something myself. I’ve found a few things about myself – I am a good person with an empathetic heart, I am a good listener, a good mother (or so my kids say :P), a caring friend, an artist at heart, a lover of nature, and few other things that I can be proud of. I’m still in search of more.
I often enjoy reading people. I believe that every individual is like a kaleidoscope, because no matter how different situations change and shape them, they are a beautiful sight to behold. I know one thing for certain; time never waits. Somehow, I also know that this is the most beautiful aspect of the concept time. I believe that  right until our last breaths, we are capable of beginning once again. Never stop building yourself and creating your life. I won’t. Dream, and take one step at a time towards it. Always keep walking. And most importantly, enjoy every step along the way. It’s your life, so don’t live to impress others, but to impress yourself.
Stay blessed! 🙂

  • Leena Prasad 🙂


Print media
conveying that
humanity has been lost
The words –
murder, rape, terrorism,
bomb blasts and calamities
more than any others
appear in ink
And even so,
stay put,
there’s always more to come
The television
switched on
projecting the same idea –
humanity has been lost
Only sitcoms remain
to transport us from reality
to a different world,
if only
And social media
Oh yes!
Photographs everywhere
Big Colgate smiles
portraying the one emotion
reserved for camera lenses
Dirty politics
eating up the
core of a nation –
and of every nation
A flimsy show of power over others,
projecting, suppressing,
making the situation
A mere trace of humanity
is somehow enough
to overwhelm
but not without, ironically,
well-deserved suspicion
Alas! This fear
is tearing us all apart
A self-made cocoon
the only remaining safeguard
seeping into the core
of life itself
Dependency for everything
followed by –
what to eat and where to go,
how to live, and even so
we follow blindly
A mindless flock
herded by politicians
or by religious leaders
Because it’s all about blind faith,
following a cult
so we can avoid being labelled dolts
This can go on forever
but leaves just one question –
Where are we going to end up
thanks to this mayhem?

  • Leena Prasad