There are people in your lives
who claw out your memories
from within your bleeding hearts
and twist them, and turn them
into something distorted
that reeks of their venom
Reminiscing becomes nebulous 
and every memory, good and bad
gets muddled into a jagged bunch
pricking and prodding, until you fall
down, and farther down, underground.
                           – Leena Prasad 🙂 

Can’t we be what we are? I wonder, because I’m sure being yourself is much easier than pretending to be what others expect you to be. Maybe, being yourself is not always rewarding. It could be that you won’t be loved by everyone. You might not have all that many friends. However, whoever stays with you regardless, is definitely someone who truly cares for you, and will always be there for you. Each of us are connected in one way or another, but we hardly care for this. Maybe, the reason for this is that most of us are too busy pretending, to bother with such trivialities. One can say we are least interested in knowing each other as humans. Instead, our worldly roles take importance. We see people as and how they are related to us. For example, take your mother. For some kids, It’s quite tough to relate her to the mischievous school girl she once had been, who may have broken rules in her time, and had fun without a care in the world. Humans are allowed to live life on their own terms, while at the same time doing there jobs or taking up responsibility for their relationships. The reason that it’s tough to accept is probably our expectations. We all have the tendency to have fixed and set expectations from everyone around us. It’s the same in the case of parents. They often want their children to behave the way they expect them to. However, as a parent, it’s their job to help them identify the fine line between good and bad, right and wrong. They help them learn morals and can show them the right path, but it’s up to the children alone to choose to take it. So, help them grow. Because, just like flowers in a field, humans are also different, each with their own differences, but each beautiful nonetheless. If we all of us start respecting each other’s individuality and enjoy our lives together, we’ll learn so much! After all, a field of flowers holds a lot more beauty than a single flower on its own. 🙂 😉

  • Leena Prasad 🙂