28th January ❤

A day spent well..

Having you both around me
our felicitous conversations
in the ocean-scented breeze
The waves, and the birds and
the distant planes and ‘copters
in the late evening-colored sky
Mellifluous sounds around me
The feeling of blissful dreaming
as though I’m being showed
all my blessings on this Earth
Savoring them, grinning ear to ear
knowing that I’ll cherish it forever…

– Leena Prasad 🙂


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If only..

There are as many
different kinds of people
as there are different kinds
of loneliness….

Fighting and dreading,
complaining, not complaining,
sometimes masked with smiles,
with loud music, or makeup.

Running away from the facts
or even from people themselves,
but mostly from their own selves.
The way out is always dark…

Where silence is more vocal
than spoken words ever were.
Where the rain is like a lover, and
the moon, a close friend.

There’s a tendency to build
a wall around the fragile heart
and keep out everything, and everyone.
A sanctuary impossible to breach…

…Oh, if only someone knew enough to not try to break this wall down.
All you have to do is knock…

– Leena Prasad 🙂


We are all carrying

our prisons within us

Trapped inside walls

filled with memories

old scars, and regrets

and eventually,

we become at home

Punishing ourselves

wasting away our

precious years of life

just letting them go by

Inside our hearts.

we’re all waiting

for that little hope

that speck of sunlight

to escape, and to

reclaim that lost time


🙂 🙂

Just My Scattered Thoughts 😉

Last night, I woke up
to the inky silence
My mind started
debating again –
as always – making
sense of my life
And this crazy mind
of mine decided
that now, it wants to
live like the wild wind
lives – free, spirited –
Without any boundaries!
I smiled and fell asleep  (-_-)zzZ



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Have you ever felt
All your feelings go sterile
You’re standing all alone
And don’t know where to go
Static in emptiness
All your dreams feel like
They’re in some faraway land
You’re trying hard, but
Are unable to reach them
Only loneliness all around
Is your everlasting friend
Desperate to break free
From this endless circle
Looking for some aid
Just to come out of it, but
This feeling, after all
It covers you, numbs
Makes you motionless

-Leena Prasad