Blizzard bitter cold


all emotions

frozen –

your warmth

changed it to


We laughed,

we cried,


never ran dry

But seasons change

so did you

Emotions have

frozen, numbing

like Iā€™m covered in snow

– Leena Prasad

Not again

There she is now
standing behind me
Her eyes bore deep,
deep, into my soul
They make me restless
They ask questions
‘What have you done?
Our plans were different!
Why’ve you avoided me
for so long, all along?’
I try to scream, but cannot
I know I can never 
leave her behind
I turn, and I ask her
‘Don’t you think
that it is too late now?’
She answers, smiling
‘Just take the plunge, girl
and we’ll ride that tide.’
After a long time, I smile
I’d finally met myself again.
                      – Leena Prasad 🙇

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Just My Scattered Thoughts šŸ˜‰

Being theĀ youngest in my family,Ā I was always very close to my mother. Iā€™ve never seen anyone like her, with herĀ immense patience and endless empathy. Thereā€™s also her nature;Ā loving andĀ caring (a little too much, I think). Iā€™veĀ never seen her angry, and she has always beenĀ there for everyone. She is the warmest person I know. I haveĀ learned a lot from her, because I was always tagging along behindĀ her as a child. That was my childhood. But, afterĀ livingĀ for as long as I have,Ā I realizedĀ that theĀ world is not cut out forĀ such people.

Mom, youĀ told meĀ love is strong

but Iā€™ve found more users than

people who willĀ love you back

And empathy for everyone

has drained and left me hollow

The story of theĀ Golden Goose

isĀ more applicableĀ in this world

Iā€™ve found many hiding their cruelty

in disguise, and pretending

If you care for others before yourself

you are the fool for someone to use

But, Iā€™veā€¦

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