Me Myself and I

Life is a journey, and we’re all travelers. It’s a process wherein we come across new people and situations almost everyday. Normally, we’re advised by elders to take care of others before we worry about ourselves, and to put their needs before ours. Caring for others does have a good ring to it, doesn’t it? Most people spend their whole life doing the same. It’s only now that I’ve learned that this is wrong in numerous, although not all, ways. Those who’ve had the occasion to travel by flight may remember the manual instructing passengers to don their oxygen masks before helping others, in case of emergencies. That’s probably how we should deal with life. You must give yourself the opportunity to do something, and to achieve something, in life. Whether this is something small or big does not matter one bit. Take some time to do the things that give you happiness, and make you feel satisfied. Do so, and be proud of yourself for doing so. What others think doesn’t matter one bit so long as your activities don’t hurt them in any way. I’ve learned the importance of having at least a little space wherein you can be at ease, and be comfortable with who you really are – almost like a prayer room. ‘Me time’ is important for every individual. I mean this even in the context of small kids. Everyone can and should enjoy the freedom to explore their own thoughts and desires, and to question and understand them. In conclusion, ‘Me, myself and I’ is very important, so give yourself higher priority in life. Just make sure that the fault of a big ego doesn’t step in and ruin things.

                                  – Leena Prasad 🙂

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