Girl who loves black

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Not again! Right, I know you‚Äôre worried¬†now, thinking ‚Äď here she is again! :p Today, however,¬†I‚Äôd like¬†to share with you all the¬†story of a very ordinary girl, who had very ordinary needs in her very ordinary childhood.¬†It was only¬†later on in her life that¬†she¬†learned that¬†those ordinary wants of hers were in fact the most pricey things in life ‚Äď they couldn‚Äôt be bought.

From¬†early childhood, she identified with¬†being called the¬†‚Äėsensible kid‚Äô. She always went with the flow, only¬†because she¬†believed that her parents needed a break too; one less kid to worry about. She¬†only ever cried when¬†she was¬†alone,¬†in the shower, or¬†out in the rain ‚Ästand yes,¬†she loved the¬†rain, which strangely, rhymed with the pain in her heart.¬†Whenever her small frame desired warmth, she would find¬†her own small hands wrapped around herself,¬†and seek calm in her solitude.

The early years of her life passed her by without much event. As she grew older…

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