Dreams ^_^

Just My Scattered Thoughts 😉

DSCN4428These days, whenever anyone asks me about my interests, I feel confused. Maybe it’s because I’d stopped thinking about myself a long time ago. But then, having a dream is important. Once I realised this, I started nudging myself to know more about my little wishes – everything I like. And slowly, my mind and heart started conversing – and this time, not for my loved ones, but for me. Am I being selfish? I can’t be too sure. I started remembering all my silly, childish, dreams. I’ve always had a thing for
things that can fly – like birds, superman 😉 aeroplanes, or even just a floating leaf or feather. I’ve also always been very close to nature. We had a beautiful garden, and during my childhood, I’d forever be spending my time there. So much that I could guess the weather while sitting there. I’ve also always loved…

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Books ♡♡

🙂 🙂

Just My Scattered Thoughts 😉

I love reading. Really, I can’t recall how I started off with this habit. It helps me relax. Even when I happen to have to go to a place where I’d probably have to wait, I always make sure to carry a book with me, and manage to enjoy the wait. I’ve also introduced the miracles of reading to my children.
Back when they were younger, I’d tell them stories every night, and since they used to enjoy it a lot, it probably led them to read books. I’m rather proud of the fact that despite their (extremely) young age, they always respected the literary tomes and never harmed them. Both my children are avid readers now – so much so that my house looks rather like a library.
In my son’s case, I introduced him to the short stories that I would read to him at first, until he…

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