What is compatibility? I know the literal meaning, but what is it in essence? My conversation with some people a few days ago got me thinking about it. While discussing it, one individual voiced the opinion that it was possible for compatibility that was earlier there to be lost over the course of time, and vice versa. But that can’t be right, not in my eyes at least, because you’re either compatible with someone, or you’re not. Wouldn’t the word (in the case of the aforementioned individual’s opinion) be ‘adjustment’ instead? There is a simple dictionary meaning of ‘compatible’, and here it is-


a state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict.
“he argues for the compatibility of science and religion”


like-mindedness,similarity,agreement,affinity,closeness,fellow feeling,harmony,rapport,empathy,sympathy,friendship,camaraderie,togetherness,communion,concord

“they felt the bond of true compatibility”



      • a feeling of sympathy and friendship; like-mindedness.

“they felt the bond of true compatibility”


the ability of one computer, piece of software, etc. to work with another.
“software compatibility is another important factor to consider”

No two people are alike. I think that’s beautiful. We should all admire these different qualities. How about compatibility between two such different people then? You see, it’s not about the difference, but about working as a team.
The first thing to learn is respect. Respect each others’ individuality. It should be mutual. Then comes versatility. It helps partners keep up with each other. Next comes the most necessary quality of all – communication. Yes, in every relationship, communication is vital. Without it, it is impossible to be happy together. Then we need patience, enough to hear what others say without being judgmental. We don’t need to agree with each others’ point of view, but we should nonetheless try to respect it. A little flexibility and adjustment are also important, but not too much, because you may risk changing yourself into someone whom you are not.
I’ve seen couples who don’t communicate at all, or some wherein only one person is vocal, while the other gradually becomes a ghost companion. Then, there are others where both are vocal, but neither is listening. Even so, the most incompatible of couples living together, merely putting up with each others’ existence, is also a startlingly common occurrence. There may be many reasons behind it; their children, fear of society, dependency, and sometimes, boredom. They may even have lost faith in life and stopped trying. I just want to say that, while it may not be necessary to agree upon everything in life, understanding and respect go a long way to better compatibility.

– Leena 🙂

Dad ♡

Just My Scattered Thoughts 😉

Missing you dad
It’s going to be one whole year soon now, and I miss hearing your voice. Dad, even now, Father’s Day will come and go as usual, but I won’t be able to wish you. The funny thing is, although I absolutely hated it back when you used to stand behind me, always telling me what to do, I would now give anything to have those days back. I don’t want to go back to Ranchi because it’s hard to think that you won’t be there in your bedroom anymore. It’s tough knowing that you won’t be calling me ‘Guri’, and teasing me with just about anything that ever irritated me. You enjoyed that, didn’t you? When we meet again, dad, I’ll surely tell you this time just how much I love you.


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Girl who loves black

Not again! Right, I know you’re worried now, thinking – here she is again! :p Today, however, I’d like to share with you all the story of a very ordinary girl, who had very ordinary needs in her very ordinary childhood. It was only later on in her life that she learned that those ordinary wants of hers were in fact the most pricey things in life – they couldn’t be bought.

From early childhood, she identified with being called the ‘sensible kid’. She always went with the flow, only because she believed that her parents needed a break too; one less kid to worry about. She only ever cried when she was alone, in the shower, or out in the rain – and yes, she loved the rain, which strangely, rhymed with the pain in her heart. Whenever her small frame desired warmth, she would find her own small hands wrapped around herself, and seek calm in her solitude.

The early years of her life passed her by without much event. As she grew older, so did grow the many dreams in her eyes, but even then, she had no one to share them with. Dreaming is, after all, only allowed when one has their eyes closed – because when one is awake, there is the real world and its rules to deal with. Despite her outward strength, all she ever wanted was someone to share her feelings, dreams, insecurities, and joy with. All she wanted was someone to be there with her, so she wouldn’t have to be alone and hug herself.

Life, however, had different plans for her, and the real story turned out to be little different from what she had imagined. Once again, she had to play the protector and be strong, now for the father of her children. So be it, she thought. But within, she was broken, and was beginning to crumbling away, piece by piece. All along, she thought no one would ever see it, for she always kept her mask on. But one day, she saw two beautiful eyes – exactly like hers – questioning, ‘Why are you sad mom?’ She found herself fumbling to answer a question she had never been asked before. Seeing her confusion, two small hands wrapped around her and held her in a tight embrace, and a soft voice said, ‘I love you the most, and can’t see you sad.’ Then, she was overwhelmed. For the first time, she couldn’t control her emotions, and slowly realized that it was okay to cry. The owner of those beautiful, wide eyes and those tiny hands reintroduced her to one of her old passions; writing. And as she embraced writing once again, all her emotions found escape in the form of words, and all her broken dreams began to come together again in portraits of ink. Her beautiful children whom she had taught to walk were now the ones to help her walk, and they showed her that there was still hope. Live until you are alive.

She is happy for this one thing she did right – she raised two beautiful human beings who cared, not just for her, but for others too, and most importantly, knew that it’s okay to not be strong all the time.

Dedicated to my son and daughter, my pillars of strength.