feeling static
emotions hollow
muddled questions
How did I reach here?
– this part of my life..
I’d always walked
at others’ pace
Never expecting
any returns..
Then why does it matter,
why now??
‘It does’, replied my mind,
‘because you are human too
Change you game
Don’t you let yourself cry…’
– Leena


Strolling on the beach this morning
I collected the smoothest pebbles;
shiny, weatherworn, and beautiful
And that set me thinking once again
about how the creator of this world
had someday, just like me, perhaps
carefully chosen each one of us
from among many, to live together
and take delight in this existence
There’s no reason to not love yourself
and none to belittle anyone else
so cherish every moment, because
Someone may have trusted you
with His own Paradise….


– Leena Prasad 🙂

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Just a thought

🙂 🙂

Just My Scattered Thoughts 😉

Yes, I do cry when I watch a sad movie or a television serial. I crack up when watching something funny, and get all emotional listening to or watching romantic songs or scenes. Yes, I always fall in love with fictional characters. You see, we do need to release our feelings of love, of sorrow, of joy, craziness and everything else.
And no, I don’t express all this to the people I live around. Honestly, I just can’t bring myself to. I’d stopped doing that a long time ago. This doesn’t mean that I don’t care for people around me. I do. I really do, from the core of my heart. There are a very select few who are truly close to my heart, but I find I can’t reveal all my expressions to them either. Why? Because, quite simply, people judge. They almost never have the patience to hear you out completely, and always have a comment or two ready. Most of them do, at least, and jump to a conclusion of their own after hearing…

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