Old soul


An old place abandoned by time

overgrown weeds and bare trees

A crumbling stone wall there

weathered with age, whispers

the memory of what had once been,

and of those souls who long ago

had lived a life, loved, and died

Those stones had remembered

their tales of love and sacrifices


What does it mean, when

in places you’ve never known

you feel a faint familiarity

as though, long years ago

you’ve been there before?

The feeling that you belong

but can’t remember a thing

You’re inexplicably connected

to a home away from home


Some dreams keep returning

to haunt your silent nights

of places unknown yet known

where you had once belonged


Is it because we’re all travelers?

making memories

touching souls

meeting some new ones

missing some old…

   – Leena 🙂

Be yourself :) :)

Just My Scattered Thoughts 😉

In our lives there come times when we have to take decisions that often affect, or even altogether alter, the course of our futures, relations or livelihood. It thus gets very confusing when there are muddled emotions attached to the decisions we take. There are always people who contribute positively to our lives and help us grow as good individuals by widening our horizons, and these are the ones who actually care. If there’s any factor that forces you away from the path you have chosen to trod on, deal with it. Don’t be held up by that rut long, or you may lose yourself completely. Honestly, that’s the hardest battle to fight – being just yourself.
I for one love listening to all and any genre of music, as some of them are really inspiring. To name one, sung by my favorite artist Enrique Iglesias, ‘Be yourself’. Another is…

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Just My Scattered Thoughts 😉

Late night,  2:39AM
I’m still awake
Feeling hollow
Silence prevailing
But not in my head
Demons are pushing me
Towards the edge
I see them now
Laughing, peeping, creeping
All around my bed
I scream
Empty threats
It’s turmoil
Every night we fight, but
I’m always allured
And I always fall for it
They complete me
And control my actions
And I surrender

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