Fading away

He touches my skin
Never touched my soul
When he talks, words
Never reach my heart
Feels like I’m sitting
Amidst a dessert
Where no one can reach
Is it me, or him?
When I was waiting
He never reached out
Now I have moved on
Not wanting him anymore
I made my heart cold as ice
Just going on with life
Physically present but
Emotionally, couldn’t connect
Is it normal to live like this?
                        – Leena

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Life is like a circus where

we’re all playing our roles

In the glittering, made-up world

balancing on the tight-rope

With a big smile, like a clown,

suppressing any inner hurt

Jumping from trapeze to trapeze

trusting others to catch us

Performing our roles,

waiting for the act to end.

                                                     – Leena 🙂


Relaxed, alone time on a Saturday morning is truly bliss to have once in a while. Sitting in solitude, and enjoying the sunrise through the windows, got me thinking about how it’s a blessing to be able to have this moment. Not everyone can. Just last night, I came across (my favorite!) Enrique’s post – ‘Life is what you make of it’. It is.
I agree that not everyone is blessed enough to be able to shape their life according to their will. Sometimes, life simply happens, and you have to accept it. But there maybe comes a time, later on, when you get a chance. And that is when you have to entangle yourself from the billions of things holding you back – perhaps your attitude, bad relationships, surroundings, the company you keep, bad habits, whatever hurts you – and move ahead. Yes, it’s difficult. And that’s why we mostly just let it go and continue walking down the same path we were on. It’s not wrong to try and save others the heartache, but think! What about you? – are you happy? Ask this of yourself, and then stand in front of a mirror, look into your eyes and try to love yourself. If you can do this, then no worries, but if you can’t, you know that you want something more with life. If you could do so much for the people you have ever loved throughout the course of your life, then why must you leave yourself out? It’s time to start loving and nurturing yourself. Nothing is ever perfect, because life is usually a mess, relationships are often complex, outcomes are mostly uncertain, and people are almost always irrational. So think a bit more about yourself, and distance yourself from all that is negative, whatever or whoever it may be. Try to create something in your life that you will love. It can be growing a plant, or going skydiving. Make your choice, and then do it, my friend! It won’t hurt to do something for yourself for once.

– Leena 🙂 🙂

Just a thought

Yes, I do cry when I watch a sad movie or a television serial. I crack up when watching something funny, and get all emotional listening to or watching romantic songs or scenes. Yes, I always fall in love with fictional characters. You see, we do need to release our feelings of love, of sorrow, of joy, craziness and everything else.
And no, I don’t express all this to the people I live around. Honestly, I just can’t bring myself to. I’d stopped doing that a long time ago. This doesn’t mean that I don’t care for people around me. I do. I really do, from the core of my heart. There are a very select few who are truly close to my heart, but I find I can’t reveal all my expressions to them either. Why? Because, quite simply, people judge. They almost never have the patience to hear you out completely, and always have a comment or two ready. Most of them do, at least, and jump to a conclusion of their own after hearing just a part of the tale. They don’t know to leave you alone when you need them to and don’t know to give you love when you need it either, because they don’t know you. Hence, what I rarely ever find around humans, is what I seek, and find, among books and songs, select movies and television shows and in nature. They are my solace. 
                                                                       – Leena 🙂