Everyone needs someone

Just My Scattered Thoughts 😉

Yeah, I know that we all are super busy with the tragedies of life 😉 However, I think that (sorry, I think a lot :p) we should always be there for our friends and loved ones when they really need us. By this, I really don’t mean that they should need to fall ill or break limbs for us to remember them. We all need attention, yes? – and let me tell you this; attention is like chocolates – both are special (although chocolates are yummier :p). Anyway, let them know that they are very much loved and wanted. You don’t have to wait for their calls all the time. Look beyond their fake smiles. Sometimes, they may let us down, but there’s no need for us to do the same. If you truly care for someone, show them that you do! So go on, make the teachers who taught…

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:) :)

I was asked for something happy
and I wondered what to do.
I left in search of this ‘happiness’ 
but the people around me
didn’t seem happy,
no, just busy
with their lives 
sporting a forehead creased
with worry, or a forced smile
With naught left to do
my thoughts turned to
take a walk down memory lane
And there I found it;
Chasing butterflies, careless laughter, 
worries washed away with rain, 
gazing nightly at the moon
listening to yet another bedtime story 
So natural and so simple
and so very real
Why then must we fix a time
to live and laugh in life?
In seeking something deeper 
we don’t see the simple things
and making it more complicated 

– Leena 🙂 🙂