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“You could push people away, misuse your power, take their silence as their weakness, or take undue advantage of relationships past their limits, whether accidentally or knowingly, and then it’s just too late to get them back. Because some things can’t be stitched back up when torn. And relationships are one of them.”

– Leena


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I’m still furious with myself
for letting myself drown in
those mystifying eyes of yours
without putting up a fight
Delving into your feelings
and finding myself there
It was all new to me, yet
I could feel the connection
forged into our very souls
You said everything just right
but I couldn’t give a reply
I stand at a place from where
no roads can lead to you
Now, you stay here in my heart,
within my soul, within my thoughts,
in every strain of music and
in every single breath I take
and thus will I keep you forever
For you were the finest blessing
ever bestowed upon me

           – Leena 🙂



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Don’t laugh out loud
Don’t smile so much
Don’t keep talking
Don’t cry, oh and –
Don’t grin so wide either
Sit still, cross legged
Be good, don’t react
Your wishes matter?
Well, hell! – who said that?!
Your looks are important
but dear, for others
Your duty is important
but again, for others
You had better seem happy
and credit others for it
You know what I mean, right?
You go girl! Now you’re
ready for the scene!

               – Leena 🙂



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I remember those nights and those days
When every problem had just one solution
I’d call you, mom, and magically – it’s done!
The first one I’d want to see every morning
Your smiling face being my lucky charm
I’d never even dreamt of living without you
Pity, every bird leaves the nest someday
And you know mom, it’s only now I realise
How you’ve always been there for me
Whatever I do is with you in my heart
So I guess even now we are never apart
And you know, mom, I think I’ve found
A bit of you in my darling daughter too!
                                                                    – Leena 🙂





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There was once a time when it was an extremely arduous task trying to connect with people living far away, while communicating with or getting to know new people from other countries was practically impossible for most people. Today however, such conveniences are at our fingertips, literally. Even aside from our mobile phones and their countless apps, we have social networking, and even blogging ( ❤ my personal favorite).
Sure, they giving us a means to maintain and form old and new relations. But think about something like this – because of an awfully busy schedule, you somehow end up (unintentionally of course) ignoring someone’s messages, and the other party jumps to the conclusion that you don’t want to maintain communication with them, and you can’t convince them otherwise because you aren’t maintaining communication with them.


Everyone loves a little attention. Taking a little time out, no matter how busy one may be, to reply to someone, or making the effort to be the one to take a conversation further is nice. If you’re honestly too lazy to type out something, at least make use of emoticons (they’ve made life so easy). In case of old friends from school or such, often because of being dispersed all over the place, we don’t have much of a chance to smother each other with hugs all the time. Really, electronics are there to help. So go on, make your close ones aware of your love for them, or be the first one to cheer up a friend on a gloomy day.


We all miss our childhood because that was the one time when most of us learnt what love is, with our parents and friends always there to pamper and adore us. So friends, never stop showing others how much you really love and respect them, because they can’t always be expected to guess. Who knows whether we will have another chance to do so or not. Take care 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


P.S- Look at Amitabh Bachchan, and learn! ❤ 😉 :p     

                                                                                  – Leena 🙂 😉Image





The serenity I feel with the
Lapping of waves at my feet
The sun descending into the horizon
Drawing away all my miseries
The frolicking sea breeze, and
The waves breaking on the sands
An enchanted world where
All my melancholy fades away
Leaving me indebted to the ocean
                            -Leena 🙂 🙂

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One fine day, I met a girl
She wore a smile, had curly hair
Introductions were ordinary
A wife, a mother… what else?
It was just like any other
But looking deep into her eyes
I glimpsed at someone else
Someone wanting to be free
A dreamer, dreaming like hell
She was present right there
While also being miles away
Yes, I fell in love with that
And truly wished for her
To tell me about her dreams
For she was doing what was
Supposed to be done by her
While living a different life
In her dreams as well………

– Leena 🙂