वक्त बेवक्त जब ये आंखें नम हो जाये
कुछ कहने में ये होंठ थरआए
ठंडी हवा के झोंके दिल को छू जाए
हम ये समझ गए कि तुम याद आए

Rough translation-

Time and again when these eyes moisten
And I can’t form the words I wish to say
When cooling winds stir up my heart
I know that you are in my thoughts

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Evernote RTE

सुबह जब पौधों को पानी डाला
एक पौधा सूखा सा नजर आया
पता था उसने छोड़ दिया अपना भी साया
बरबस एक ख्याल उभरा मन में
क्यों हम इनकी तरह सच्चे नहीं होते
जुबां पर हंसी, और मन से हैं रोते
मरे हुए रिश्तों का भार है ढोते
जिदंगी की माला लोगों के हिसाब
से हैं पिरोते, आंसुओं की माला
अपने सीने में दफन कर सोते
क्युं भला कयुं………..




I want…

Evernote RTE

I wonder how getting to
know you someday would be
the things you love to do
and all about your fears
How would I look when seen
through your eyes, my dear?
In the dreams you dream
would there be any place for me?
What do you like, the rush of rains
the warmth of spring or fragrant falls,
And does the sound of laughter
bring a smile on your face too?
Do you like to gaze at the
the stars in the night sky,
or instead, bask in the
wash of silver moonbeams?
Is it the rugged mountains
or the ebullient seas that call to you?
Most of all though, I wish to know
how it would feel to
have you here, together with me
                      – Leena 🙂 *_*




Late night,  2:39AM
I’m still awake
Feeling hollow
Silence prevailing
But not in my head
Demons are pushing me
Towards the edge
I see them now
Laughing, peeping, creeping
All around my bed
I scream
Empty threats
It’s turmoil
Every night we fight, but
I’m always allured
And I always fall for it
They complete me
And control my actions
And I surrender

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The mountains
So rugged – so strong –
And yet, so humble 
Sheltering wildlife
And when the sun sets,
Clouds descend to enfold them
In an embrace like lovers
The crickets’ symphony
Echoing enchantingly
All the while I observe
The calmness, the beauty
And love…
           -Leena 🙂


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Profile picture

Now, why should one display their own profile picture? Well, we all have friends on social networking sites, don’t we? While we know most of them personally, there are a fair few with whom our only contact is online. It all comes down to an old saying – eyes are the windows to the soul. So if you really want to be friendlier, why on earth would you make your display picture one of your pets, or some celebrity, or even cars (are you a transformer?). Go on, display your own, unique picture. It lets other people feel your presence better, and also helps get in touch with old friends. I always ask my friends to put on their own profile pictures, so that communicating with them feels all the more real. Love you all – keep networking!
                         –Leena 🙂 😉


I’ve now decided to live
Each moment as it comes
Taking my time and making
Memories with all who come

I will cherish the time
That we spend together
I’m craving for more
But I do surrender

I need to hold those
Beautiful moments, and
Keep them safe inside
My heart’s keepsake box

So that if I’m ever sad
I can open the lid again
And spend time soaking
In our loving memories
                          -Leena 🙂

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