Sometimes I get tired of thinking, or rather, overthinking. It kills me. But I don’t know how to control it. It’s tough, trying to not think whatever’s going on in my life or around me. No matter how hard I try, I always end up scrutinizing everything from all possible angles, just to make sense of it. It’s been my one bad habit all along. It drives me insane, while helping me take sane decisions at the same time. Often, I get sudden urges to pen down my thoughts, which comes swiftly, like storms, and fade away to nothingness just as abruptly. If I manage to write them down, be it in the form of prose or poetry, I feel quite relaxed thereafter. However, If I’m unable to commit my thoughts to paper, they lurk in the cervices of my mind and nag me, rather like a prolonged migraine. And that’s pretty much why I simply can’t stop writing. I just want to thank all of you who put up with it and still manage to send me love ♡♡


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Searching love ;)

Why is it so convenient to love someone you know you’ll never meet. You feel happy when they’re happy, and sad when they’re sad; all their emotional ups and downs. What’s the reason behind it? Is physical presence not really needed? Conversely,  it’s not easy to love, or express your love to someone who is right in front of you. Is this due to the fear of rejection? It does seem simpler to love someone out of your reach. Then you’d only have to fight your own feelings, and not feel responsible for theirs. If the one you love is in front of you, that’s when all the trouble starts. Because you start expecting – a little attention, understanding, and of course,  love. It’s quite natural. You yourself are willing to do it all, but then, the other person may not want the same things you do. And so, love takes a back-seat. Dreaming, and loving someone you don’t know, is a lot less complicated. At least you don’t have to face the heartache. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Loving is fine, but only from a distance.

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I’m in love with the little girl
Who lives inside of me
The one who knows nothing of
This world and it’s troubles
The big, empty words
Or the small, mean people
She only knows delight
And takes in everything
With her large, amazed eyes
Hence making my world bright
She knows how to love
And help her loved ones up
She still believe in fairies
And their enchanting spells
That make the world beautiful
She gives me strength and hope
Enough for me to go on
With my life, ahead in this
Ever changing, fickle worldImage

Side effects of arranged marriage ;) ;)

BbbueVrCUAA-gpl (1) You must be thinking why I’m stating those side effects. Firstly, let me tell you what this
arranged marriage means; It starts with the parents looking for a bride or groom for their child, whom they believe is suitable for them. Just like they had once selected their child’s school, collage, and attire.
Well, you only have to bear with schools and colleges for a fixed period, and you can always get rid of your
cloths once you’re tired of them. But you can’t throw away a decision that your whole life depends
on. But you simply can’t beat the parents’ enthusiasm, can you? Anyway, the parents probably do everything out of love….or maybe for the society. I have absolutely no idea.
              There, the parents have done their duty. Now, two strangers meet for the first time. Get the irony? All your life, you’re told to not talk to strangers and – BOOM! – you’re alone with one. Now, the normal way to start a relationship getting to know each other – maybe talk about your interests, dislikes, whatever. Spend a little time together and get comfortable with each other’s personalities. Then, slowly take it to the next level. But, in such marriages, you’re expected to start directly from the next level. Both partners are physically close and yet far apart emotionally. And thus, the marathon of life starts, with unlimited expectations from each other. Sometimes, such couples do fall in love and live happily ever after, whereas other times, they go on in their lives with mutual hatred. And, yeah, they spend their whole lives showing everyone how happy they are together, just for the sake of it.
               Sometimes in such relationships, you may get ‘reverse love’. Like say, ‘If you respect and take care of my parents, I’ll try to like you.’ Or maybe, ‘If my parents have any problems with you, then consequently, I too shall have the same problems.’ It’s easy to forget, isn’t it?- they themselves had selected you. And in India, people still believe that “pati parmeshwar hai,” meaning your husband is equal (in status) to god. Hell now, let me know this – how can a normal person fall in love with a ‘godly’ human, huh?
              Whenever I go out, I love reading people. I must say, I’ve hardly ever seen any couples engrossed with each other. Most of them simply can’t even look in the same direction.
              Writing all this doesn’t mean I think that love marriages come without any hardships or their share of problems. But at least, if you’re not happy with how it turns out, you know you have yourself to blame. If things don’t work out in the case of arranged marriage however, are you supposed to blame your parents, or society? Living with your soul unhappy is a very hard thing to do. I just want to say this – please help your children select partners, do, but don’t finalize the decision for them. And after they are married, please don’t meddle with their lives. It’s much more painful to live together unhappily than to live alone.
              Now, I’m going to submerge myself in a sea of music, because just thinking and writing about this topic has made me sad…