IMG-20131230-WA0015My daughter asked
“Mom, what is love?”
I saw her smiling
“Love is like,
When I see you
I feel loved
When you smile at me
My heart goes warm”
She laughed sweetly
Looked in my eyes
And asked again
“Tell me about other kind”
My heart missed a beat
Then I smiled
Told her, “Sweetie
When you will meet 
Someone, someday,
And your heart will flutter
When he smiles, and
You will want to 
See him, hear him
Every morning and night,
Your world will start
Revolving around him
Sweetheart, that is love”
She smiled, a little shy
And said “mom, I love you” ♡♡





Today, while I was going through my Facebook page, I saw that someone had posted something along the lines of – ‘teenage kids think that their parents don’t get them.’ I think not getting along is a bit of a global problem. When our children are younger, they pretty much always depend on us. I guess that’s why we develop this habit of solving all their problems and taking decisions for them, thinking it’s because kids need to know that we’re always there for them. 
Growing up is difficult, and often rather confusing. We parents were also teenagers once. But our time was different. The times have changed now. 
When children are younger they need love, yes, but we should respect their individuality from day one. As they grow older, we should give them a little space and listen to their views. Yes, we should help them decide, but really not by pressuring them with our decisions. Let them fight for themselves. Be there as a pillar, with your warm hugs and kisses. Point out their faults, but as a friend. The world has changed, and it won’t hurt to try and change yourself a little with it. As Buddha had said – “If you tighten the strings of a Veena too much, they will snap, and if you leave them too loose, the Veena won’t play. But if you tune them right, you make music” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


DSCN3729They say communication is the key factor in all relationships. But what about this – what if there’s nothing left to say? All your talks feel stale, like a broken record playing over and over again. You see, to keep a relationship fresh, both partners need to be heard. We all want our presence to be valued, or at least get a little recognition. Both should try to become the reason behind the other’s smile. Is life worth spending with someone you can’t talk or laugh together with? Is it really worth it if you never know what the other is thinking? What if both partners don’t have any interest in each others’ lives? Can that really be called living, or is it just a waste?