DSCN4390I don’t know why, but I’m feeling quite lonely today. It’s not really as if I’m alone, or that I don’t like being alone – indeed, I love my solitude. It lets me think. Whether the things I’ve done were right or wrong, whether I’ve been able to understand the people around me, and anything and everything else. But, loneliness comes without any warning. I’m surrounded by people, all of whom I know, but I’m still lonely. I think it’s a bit of a disease. In this world, with issues of overpopulation, most of us are still lonely. No matter what
we have, we still feel empty. I’m not talking about our materialistic possessions, but the emotional aspect of life. Everyone seeks happiness – both, those who have everything else, and those who have nothing. It’s become quite a trend these days, to leave one’s comfort zone and go to an ashram to try and find happiness there. A lady I know, who’d never cared much for housework, had once done the same. She had returned very happy, talking about how she had cleaned the courtyards, and how it was very relaxing. Alright, I
know that quite a few people find cleaning relaxing, while several others find the same happiness while gardening or reading books. The point I’m trying to make is – why can’t you do what you enjoy, or what makes you feel fulfilled, at home? If you spend even a bit of your time doing the things you love, you’re sure to feel happy. If you can manage that, I think you may beat that loneliness. But, being busy may not always be enough. In my case, things like listening to music, spending time with my children, or talking to my friends, works
wonders! But what enhances this is when I’m able to speak to a person without having to think twice about what I’m saying. Or worry about how they judge me. Or think about whether I’ve annoyed them in some way. You get the idea. Because if who I’m speaking to does tend to mis-understand, then I’d rather remain silent. I dislike hurting or insulting people, and hate arguments. I try to see good in everyone, and love to learn something new everyday. What’s your answer to loneliness? Try finding it yourself, and when you do, do tell me!♡ 🙂 🙂

Bye papa, until we meet again

2013-06-24 14.10.54You know papa, when I heard that you’ve left us, I was shocked at the suddenness of the news. Though we all know the reality of this world, nothing can ever prepare us for something like this. All my childhood, all those days I’d spent with you, started flashing before my eyes. I certainly don’t remember anything from my infanthood, but after those first few years, I have many cherished memories. I was (or am) basically a mama’s girl, and I remember how you used to tease me about it. Not that it ever
bothered me, papa. You know, I still remember all those evenings we all used to spend together. Having some tea and snacks, and then playing a game of cards or carrom together, while telling each other about our day. Those were my favourite times, which I missed the most after marriage. But after that would come the time I hated the most – study time! And you were so serious about that! – all of us five siblings had to study for three hours straight. Anyway, I know now that it was important :P. I know that we would always disagree about so
many things – I was the youngest, and always had my own opinion. And I know that in spite of you getting cross sometimes, you were really fine with it. Because when I got silent, you’d tease me! I’ve learnt so many things from you. Your punctuality is a trait I’ve carried on. You had a fixed routine all your life. Waking up early for a cup of tea, feeding birds and then exercising. Now I find that I do all of that myself! Isn’t it funny?- we disagreed on so many things, but I learnt the most from you. Very few of the people I’ve ever come across have been as
smart as you, even though you never spent much on your attire. Walking, speaking, and the right conduct, I’ve learnt these by just looking at you. I learnt that you don’t always need branded products or a large wardrobe to come off as smart and presentable. There are so many memories I have of you that if I try and write them all, I’ll never be done! I will cherish them all my life. I know you will never stop loving us, and us, you. I’ll miss you papa. Bye, until we meet again! 🙂 🙂