DSCN4462   I have been wondering about this for some time now – is it possible to love or like someone without having met them. Is it possible to actually like someone without knowing them? People often fall in love with celebrities whom they only know of from what they have seen of them. But is that really liking them as people, or just idol worshipping the image that we have of them? Let’s not get confused by this. The subject here deals with liking someone whom we don’t know completely, and still manage to feel inexplicably connected. You too must have or have had such a person once. the thing is, once you actually get to know them, you get so comfortable that you end up talking about everything as and how you feel it in your heart. Why does it happen that you can pour your heart out to them and still have reservations when you are talking to the people whom you’ve known for ages? Sometimes, I find life very confusing. If you talk to such a person you feel calm. You get your answers straight. You get motivated. I wonder, what kind of friendship is this? You just want to talk with your heart – that’s it! These days, due to the existence of electronics galore, one can connect with ease.
We can stay in our own comfort zone all the time. Do you think this makes a difference to how we communicate? Because being in front of each other really changes some things. Your facial expressions your body gestures are read for one, and even the change in the environment makes a difference. So it’s possible that if you actually meet, you won’t find each other the same as you had thought. But anyway, don’t you feel it’s worth being friends if you feel connected? My thoughts have started wandering, so I guess I’ll stop for now. So long!