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scan0004All of us love our childhood. We all miss those carefree days. People often talk about how they wish they could relive those days. Why is it so? We all know that life is like a flowing river that moves forward without stopping. Though we can carry our memories on with us, we can never stop the flow. Have we ever questioned ourselves about why we miss those innocent days- the days when we weren’t doctors or journalists or office workers? The days when we didn’t own a house, have a bank account or a car? So
what is it that we do miss- our innocence? That time when, if hurt we’d cry, when happy we’d laugh and when angry we’d say so. Doesn’t it feel that growing up taught us how to pretend? Rarely do we show our real emotions. I think this innocent and carefree attitude is something we shouldn’t let go of. If we feel glad, we should still laugh like clowns. Let people think us crazy- why worry about it? If we are somehow hurt, we ought to show it and not fake a smile. Suppressing your emotions will slowly kill you. Have the attitude your younger self
had- if you don’t succeed, try again. Don’t worry about others. A kid never worries if the playing blocks don’t fit in the right shape the first time. He never worries about someone laughing at him- he simply tries once again, with the same enthusiasm. And when it’s done, he freely laughs. We’ve all known how to do these small things from our earliest days. Take pleasure in the small moments of your life. Laugh when you feel like it, cry when you’re feeling sad. It’s okay. Even if you ever get a sudden urge to start dancing, please don’t hesitate. I just
want to say that we should all respect our true emotions, for only then will the people around us do the same. Live your life till you are alive! 😉 🙂


imagesI went for a small trip to Goa- just to relax with my family. There, I saw many different couples. Some were happily chatting, some were silently
sitting with each other, and some were visibly in a bad mood. So I got busy reading their behaviours (yeah, it’s a bit of a hobby of mine). My observations lead me to think about marriages. Many marry out of love, and some, out of necessity. Some people marry just because you should get married- maybe at a certain age. Why must one get married? It’s because no one wants to be alone. Loneliness is the very sad state no one wants to be in. But I have a
question for you- do you think that, after marriage, you will never feel lonely? I know, one gets all busy with the new relationship, and doesn’t get much time to be lonely. But the question remains- are you satisfied? Don’t you ever get lonely? There are many who don’t- they are sincerely happy, and feel content. But there are some that are faking it just for the sake of society. I don’t know much about other countries, but in India, most
marriages are arranged ones where parents do all the talking. Sometimes, you actually meet your life partner only afterwards! It’s really funny to think about how, when you’re a child, you’re told not to talk to strangers, and one fine day you are married off to one! And then, you’re supposed to spend your whole life together, believing in happily ever after. Life is funny that way. It gets you into so many different places and situations, and then it wants
you to cope with it. A couple should be compatible, or at the very least, should understand each other’s views. It’s essential if they are to live together. There is also the basic ‘adjustment’. In most such marriages, it works. Even if you are both not compatible with each other, you can still adjust. In reality one can’t select relatives like parents or siblings, and so, not all our relationships are by choice. But we still try to work it out. To actually live
together, in harmony, you should try to respect each other. It’s nice to have expectations, but don’t expect too much. Maybe, this mutual understanding will someday, gradually, change to care, and then love. If we are living together, we shouldn’t overwhelm each other with our own demands and needs. A husband and wife should both respect each other’s qualities and freedom and not choke the other with high expectations. Both of a pair should have
their own personal set of friends with whom they can unwind, so as to continue afresh with their lives each day. Every relationship is precious, and we should try to love and protect them with a true smile on our face. 🙂 😉


images.jpg timeToday while I was at the swimming pool I saw children playing there, with their mothers watching over them. It made me think of how life goes on- the
ones holding it back are us. Once, it had been me there with my little kids, and now it’s others doing the same. What changes is time. We think that we make the rules, but in the end its time that takes over everything. When our children are young, we dedicate all our time and love, care and energy, and everything else to them. Gradually though, time changes everything. They grow up and start living their own lives. It’s the most natural and beautiful
process that parents can be proud of. Then why does it sometimes leave you feeling empty? – it’s something that should make you happy! I feel that this is the best time to give oneself the same amount of love and care that until then, had only been for others. This is the time to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do. When your kids don’t need as much time and attention as they used to, you should feel proud of a job well done. Now is the time for you.
Start doing the things that give you happiness. It can be gardening or embroidery, or even things like snorkeling or mountaineering! Live your life to the fullest, because this time, once gone, won’t ever return. Create beautiful memories while you can, so that when you look back at your life, they leave a beautiful smile on your face. 🙂 🙂


images.jpg converAll of us need to talk to someone, at some point. Why is it important? All of us are socially connected to each other. Even if we don’t know someone we’d still feel sympathy for them if we saw them in pain. Just the same way, if we were to see them happy, we’d probably smile. We are all emotionally attached. I think that this is why we often feel the need to converse with others. You can’t talk with everyone in same manner. There are people around you with whom you often have to speak on a daily basis; are you satisfied with just that? Maybe you are, but then again, maybe not. I, most certainly, am not. I think that we all need someone with whom we can talk freely, knowing that they won’t judge us and will actually listen to what we say. Talking about what or how you feel gives your thoughts more clarity. There are some people who are always judgemental, or quick to cut our talk short. I’m not saying that only one person has the right to speak, while the other remains a mute listener. But if both conversing are the ones who are speaking, then who is listening? For the sake of a good conversation, both should hear each other out completely, and only speak if they have something worthwhile to say. It takes two to hold a conversation. If we can all find such people to converse with, we can surely all be much happier. 🙂


IMG_21445Life is like a flowing river. It never stops at any moment. It goes on. In this constant process, we sometimes get an abundance of happiness, and sometimes, a bagful of sorrow and pain. In the different stages of life, we meet many different people, who often have a good impact on our lives. Sometimes, however, there are a few who leave a bad impression. From the good, we learn how to build upon and improve our lives, and make it more meaningful. And even the bad ones are never in vain- they teach us what not to do. Because, only if we spend our life learning from our mistakes- only then- can we truly live. Not all people who come into our lives stay long, but even in their short stay, they too can help us prosper. These are the people who see you differently. Under their influence, you also start seeing yourself in different light, from a different perspective. That’s how these temporary visitors in life influence your life and change it, just like the sun influences seasons. Therefore, in our lives, we don’t just need one constant and long-lived relationship, but along with it, some brief and beautiful connections too. And when these relationships get over, let them go graciously. Treat them like the seasons that come and go, and leave behind different flowers. So, try and enjoy every person who comes in your life, even if only for a short while. 🙂


22122012127Life is all about living; it’s as simple as that. But the problem is how- how can you live a fulfilling life without offending others? In our life there are
always people around us- some who we’re related with, and yet others too , who just exist. These ‘others’ here aren’t the problem, but instead, those with whom we are living and communicating, are. Sometimes, when we try not to hurt their feeling, we unknowingly hurt ourselves. And when this becomes a constant practice in your life, it just makes you sore and tired. You start wondering whether the way you led your life was right or not- Why
didn’t you give yourself any importance?- And gradually, you close your heart to all those feelings. You don’t want to give up any more of yourself to others… Still, I feel that this isn’t any better. In life, balance is very important- nature has shown that to us from time to time; whenever we try to disturb our natural surroundings, some or the other calamity occurs. We certainly don’t want the same for us. When one closes their heart they stop
having feelings for others, and the same time, for themselves too. The same ignorance, same mistakes. So then, what are we supposed to do? One very important word- balance. Balance between the time you give to others and the time you have for yourself. Sure, go out of your way to help others, but first practice helping yourself. The feeling will be different. Anything closed off starts getting ruined after a bit. It is the same for our feelings, and for us. Fresh
air and fresh thoughts are not unalike, and are always welcome. They help us grow. Go out, meet new people, hold conversations, visit new places. Not that it need necessarily be a new, distant or faraway place, when it can just as well be your old vegetable market. Speak with others and look at the world with your own two eyes. You will learn so much!- good things and bad, interesting things, troublesome things, among others, and all these
experiences will help you build upon your thoughts, and inspire the way you see others and the way you see yourself. Spend some of your time doing things you love to do, and you’ll forget everything else when you are engrossed in it. Be it be reading, gardening, sports, writing, music; the list is endless. The main purpose is to be at peace with yourself. No withered plant can give flowers or fruits. So we must first tend to our own life before
worrying about anything else. I’ve started doing my bit…

My first

Hands holding sapling in soilI don’t really know what to write, but I’m starting anyway. After 17, maybe 20 years, starting all over again will be difficult. The times have changed and so have I. Now, life is different and more difficult, so my thoughts have changed as well. Earlier, I used to write cute, and yeah, romantic stuff in the form of shayri, of course! -teenage is all about that, I guess. Still, I was always interested in the philosophy of human relationships. Further on, I guess I’ll get deeper in on those thoughts, but first I’d like to thank two of the most important and lovely people in my life who pushed me to this portal, and got me started. Thanks, Kunal and Avantika, I’ll do my best!